A Good Person (2021)

  • Drama
  • 2h 8m
  • 2021

A GOOD PERSON follows 25-year-old Allison (Florence Pugh) and 83-year-old Daniel (Morgan Freeman) who both grieve the same tragic loss. When an unexpected connection unites them they discover a newfound will to live.

Allison was the driver and sole survivor of a fatal car accident that killed her passengers (Daniel’s daughter and son-in-law and her would be in-laws).

A year following the accident, Allison becomes severely depressed. She estranges herself from her former fiancé, Nathan (Daniel’s son) and develops a prescription-opioid addiction to numb her shame. Daniel also finds himself grappling with his sobriety while singularly raising Ryan – his now orphaned and rebellious teenage granddaughter.

Allison and Daniel dreadfully cross paths for the first time at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It’s in their breaking points of despair that these two form a friendship eliciting compassion, forgiveness needed to overcome their guilt and find freedom. Their bond comes at a critical moment for Ryan, who engages in risky behavior as a way of coping with the loss of her parents. What results from this new type of family unit is a moving story about the unexpected ways people connect, heal, forgive, and forge new ways to keep living.


Zach Braff






United States