Daughters of Darkness (1971)

  • Horror
  • 1h 27m
  • 1971

Erotic. Bloody. Atmospheric. Fascinating.

Based on Sheridan le Fanu’s “Camilla”, the classic tale of lesbian bloodsuckers, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS is a stylishly erotic vampire film.

The hypnotically beautiful Delphine Seyrig stars as the infamous “Scarlet Countess” (who found eternal youth by bathing in the blood of 300 virgins). Boasting a legendary legacy of perversion, she keeps company with her beautiful young ‘companion’ (sensuous Andrea Rau sporting large eyes, pouting lips and a Louise Brooks bob haircut).

When the two women seduce a troubled newlywed couple they unleash a frenzy of sudden violence and depraved desire.

Made during the early 70s vampire movie revival when cinema suddenly discovered sexual liberation and was filled with countless lesbian bloodsuckers, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS stands as one of the most explicit and mesmerizing adult horror films ever made.


Harry Kümel


English, Dutch, French, German


Belgium, France, Germany