Death in Brunswick (1990)

  • Comedy, Dark Humor, Thriller, Crime
  • 2h 29m
  • 1990

Carl’s life is a minefield. Dave’s in charge of damage control.The delirious Australian black comedy “A weird psychodrama, a celebration of cultural diversity, an inner suburban nightmare, and three days in the life of an innocent fool.” Sam Neill

A riotous roller coaster of murder and mayhem set in multicultural inner Melbourne, this hit Australian comedy-thriller stars Sam Neill as Carl, a fortyish no-hoper whose takes a job as a cook in a seedy nightclub to escape his cantankerous mother. A flirtation with fetching barmaid Sophie (Zoe Carides) - who is engaged to the nightclub owner - lands Carl on the wrong side of a viscous bouncer but when attacked by his drug-dealing Turkish kitchenhand, Carl inflicts a grievous form of self-defence that sparks a deepening gangland feud. Best mate Dave (John Clarke) is soon employed as Carl’s protector - and gravedigger - as a band of cutthroats block Carl’s path to his bartending sweetheart.


John Ruane