From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl (2015)

  • Horror, Comedy, Action
  • 1h 35m
  • 2015

R18- Charlie leads two lives. By day she’s an overworked paper-pusher for the global video game developer, Corporation X. By night she’s a professional wrestler with dreams of becoming a champion like her father. When her evil boss uses stolen nano technology to give their latest video game powerful addictive qualities, the results are apocalyptic. With players turning into homicidal maniacs, a mountain of paper-work on her desk, and a championship to win, Charlie is forced to find the hero within and save the world from an Armageddon of video game madness…

From the director of the international cult film MURDERDROME comes FROM PARTS UNKNOWN: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL, the story of a young woman wrestling with life’s big issues – and some brain eating wrestle-monsters…


Daniel Armstrong