Hellboy (2004)

  • Action, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
  • 2h 2m
  • 2004

This supernatural action-adventure is based on Mike Mignola’s acclaimed Dark Horse Comics series. Brought to Earth by evil genius Rasputin (Karel Roden) to aid the Nazis in their dying cause, Hellboy (Ron Perlman) was rescued by Professor Broom (John Hurt), founder of the clandestine B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense), who raised him and developed his extraordinary paranormal gifts. Despite his dark origins, Hellboy becomes an unlikely champion for good, battling the evil forces that threaten our world along with a telepathic “mer-man” (Doug Jones) and a “pyro-kinetic” (Selma Blair). Hidden from the society they are assigned to protect, they are the key line of defense against Rasputin, who seeks to reclaim Hellboy to the dark side and use his powers to bring about Armageddon.




English [cc]




Revolution Studios