Inspector Sun & The Curse of Black Widow (2021)

  • Comedy, Family, KIDS
  • 1h 28m
  • 2021

SHANGHAI, CHINA. 1934. Beneath the feet of humans, a film noir world of bug detectives and gangsters coexists.

INSPECTOR SUN —a loner Huntsman spider still grieving his slain wife— leads a dangerous raid on a warehouse to capture his arch nemesis, the evil RED LOCUST. Sun defeats Red and the last of his swarm, arresting him. After a news conference proclaiming his victory, Sun rejects an offer by JANEY, a tiny orphan jumping spider. Janey’s dream is to be Sun’s apprentice.

At the Port of Shanghai, Sun boards a human Pan Am Clipper seaplane heading to San Francisco. While HUMANS occupy the passenger cabin, beneath the floors and cargo, the hull is laid out like a luxurious ocean liner for bugs—webbing infused with art deco.

On the seaplane, Sun tries to enjoy his trip when Janey pops up in his cabin. A stowaway, she followed Sun aboard. SECURITY CHIEF SCARAB catches Janey. His policy is to throw her off, but Sun intervenes and is forced to pay Janey’s way.

After dinner, wealthy doctor BUGSY SPINDLETHORP is found murdered. He was honeymooning with his wife ARABELLA, a black widow. Scarab and CAPTAIN SKELTON immediately suspect Arabella as the killer and take her to a holding cell. Janey is excited to help Sun solve the case. Inspector Sun will need to once more solve the mystery. But, what starts as just another case aboard the plane, will eventually decide the fate of all of humanity.