Just a Sigh (2013)

  • Drama, Romance
  • 1h 45m
  • 2013

The always brilliant Emmanuelle Devos stars as Alix, a forty-three year old actress en route to Paris for an audition. With a broken mobile phone and a maxed-out credit card, Alix is momentarily loosened from the moorings that anchor her to modern life and to her boyfriend. A brief train conversation with an enigmatic stranger, Douglas (Irish star Gabriel Byrne), sets her on a path of spontaneous decisions with both the promise and the risk of new beginnings.

Just a Sigh shows two charismatic stars in top form as they pursue an attraction in glances and tentative gestures. Their flirtation unfolds in real-time against a backdrop of vibrant Paris locations on World Music Day.

Director Jérôme Bonnell masterfully conducts the sparkling repartee between Emmanuelle Devos and Gabriel Byrne with insight and affection. Combining the magic of Brief Encounter and Before Sunrise, Just a Sigh is mature, wryly humorous, and an ode to the ageless thrill of anticipation of a new and forbidden romance.


Jérôme Bonnell


French, English




France, Belgium, Ireland