Just Jake (2023)

  • Romance
  • 1h 28m
  • 2023

JAKE COLLINS made it out of his hometown of Liberty, Colorado, and got to Nashville by way of being discovered on social media as a country music sensation. But when his first big record deal hits some creative bumps, his producer drops him from the label, and he retreats to his childhood home to Liberty to regroup, write new music and cut the ribbon on a new community center music theater named after him. And AMBER GIBSON, a proud entrepreneur who runs a local coffee shop and volunteers teaching guitar to underprivileged kids, could not be more annoyed to have Jake home.

That’s because Jake and Amber used to be high school sweethearts until Jake chose to hit the road to pursue his musical dreams instead of staying in Liberty and making a life with her. They had shared history, but her strong family ties were oil and water to his childhood foster-kid roots, and he hit the road and honky-circuit for the last decade, restless to find himself and matter to the world. That is, until he became a social media super nova, and now on the cusp of stardom, he’s struggling to find his musical sweet spot.

And now that fate has put them both back in the same zip code, their uneasy alliance mentoring kids from the same group home where Jake grew up begins to thaw the emotional ice between them. And as they work together to prepare the kids for a local talent show in his namesake theater, Amber finds her way into Jake’s heart once again and he reveals the feelings of never belonging that drove him away in the first place. And it’s Amber’s heart of compassionate and rekindled love for the guy she knows as ““just Jake”” that helps fix his own heart. Along with breaking through his music-writing block and finishing a love song he realizes he could never have written without her. The song that will soon put him on the billboard charts and bring him home to Liberty for good to make music forever with Amber at his side… and in his heart.


Brandon Clark