Love Bite (2012)

  • Comedy, Horror, Romance
  • 1h 31m
  • 2012

High school is over and summer has begun in the dead-end seaside town of Rainmouth. While Jamie’s friends seem to be happy working in the local pie factory by day and looking for a shag by night, Jamie is bored out of his mind, running his pot-head mother’s B&B. He’s desperate to get out of there. But when he meets beautiful, smart and sexy American traveller Juliana at a party, he’s smitten – the world is not so small after all. But soon after Juliana’s arrival, strange things start happening. One of the local teens goes missing at a party. Then another. Jamie is warned by an enigmatic stranger that a werewolf is in town – and preying solely on virgin flesh! The only way to be safe seems to be to pop your cherry. (But that can’t be true… can it?)


Andy De Emmonyy


Joni Levin


Cris Cole


Ronan Blaney


Tat Radcliffe

Film Editor

Matt Platts-Mills




United Kingdom


Vendetta Films

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