Memory Lane (2014)

  • Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror
  • 1h 11m
  • 2014

Mixing horror, time-travel and dark romance into a (literally) heart-pounding-ly surreal thriller, MEMORY LANE combines the ground-breaking edginess of Christopher Nolan’s Memento with the indie sensibilities of Darren Aronofsky’s Pi. A must-see experience!

When Nick returns home to find his fiancé, Kayla, has committed suicide, the shell-shocked ex-soldier decides to take his own life as a result. In the seconds before he is resuscitated by friends, Nick experiences a series of vivid flashback’s that lead him to believe that Kayla was actually murdered. Determined to discover the truth, Nick comes up with a daring plan to visit Kayla in the afterlife, the only problem is, to do it, he’ll need to kill himself again, and again, and again.


Shawn Holmes


Shawn Holmes


Shawn Holmes


Shawn Holmes