Nine Bullets (2022)

  • Crime, Thriller, Mystery
  • 1h 36m
  • 2022

Nine Bullets is a story about second chances & the unexpected places they come from. Gypsy Moon is a jaded, hard-edged stripper at the end of her career. Returning to the dream of being a writer, a recent book deal seems like her second chance in life. That is, until she crosses paths with Sam, a 10-year-old neighborhood kid & cryptocurrency genius, who she finds hiding in her home with his dog after his parents are brutally murdered. Despite hating kids and dogs, Gypsy reluctantly agrees, against her better judgement, to deliver Sam to his uncle. On their tail are three assassins who work for mob boss Jack, Gypsy’s old flame and the man that ordered the hit on Sam’s family. As their journey on the road unfolds, Gypsy must confront demons from her past and learn that her second chance at life instead might be her love for this little boy.


Gigi Gaston




English [cc]


United States