Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

  • Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • 1h 35m
  • 2002

Barry Egan (Adam Sandler), an executive in a company that makes novelty toiletries, lives with his seven sisters, whose constant abuse has kept him alone and unable to fall in love. Possessed of a dark streak of anger and violence, he can be blandly personable on the outside while on the inside he’s at a breaking point. Then he meets Lena Leonard (Emily Watson), a sweetly intense but mysterious woman who asks him to look after her broken-down car, and his romantic journey begins. This critically acclaimed offbeat comedy won the Best Director honor at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival for two-time Academy Award®-Nominated Writer and Director Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, Boogie Nights). Also starring, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Luis Guzman.




English, English [cc]




New Line Cinema