Red Shoes & The Seven Dwarfs (2016)

  • Family, Animation
  • 1h 32m
  • 2016

On the Fairytale Island, out of dozens of princes on the island, a special group of princes called the Fearless Seven (F7) are known to be the finest of them all! As always, 7 princes rescue a beautiful princess from a fiery dragon but the princess is not a beauty like F7 imagines. They tease and embarrass the ugly pixie princess and the angry princess curses the princes into seven Dwarfs and the curse can only be broken with a kiss from the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. Meanwhile, Snow White, whose appearance is far from the perfect beauty that the Dwarfs are searching for, stumbles upon a pair of magical Red Shoes which transforms her into a beautiful girl. Can the seven Dwarfs receive a kiss from the most beautiful girl in the kingdom to break the spell AND REVERT TO THEIR TRUE APPEARANCE?


Moo-Hyun Jang


Sung-ho Hong


Young Sik Uhm




South Korea