See No Evil (1971)

  • Mystery, Thriller
  • 1h 29m
  • 1971

Mia Farrow plays a woman recently blinded in a horseback-riding accident who returns to her Uncle’s home. She lives with him and his family while she slowly recovers from the accident and learns to deal with her blindness. Unknown to her the entire family is killed by an intruder. The suspense builds as Sarah unknowingly wanders through the house where the bodies lie. As she realizes that she is alone Sarah slowly discovers the bodies, one by one, and realizes that her life may be in danger. Before she can leave, she is trapped in the remote farmhouse and must fight for her life when the killer returns. Mia Farrow is excellent as the increasingly desperate woman stalked by the killer who is identified to the audience only by his boots. The film moves to a frightening conclusion as Sarah tries to make her final escape, not knowing who she can trust.




English [cc]


United Kingdom


Sony, Columbia Pictures