Skylab (2011)

  • Comedy, Drama
  • 1h 53m
  • 2011

It’s summer 1979 in Brittany, and a family gathers to celebrate the grandmother’s 80th birthday. The extended family are a garrulous collection and there’s a hint of tension in the air, as the Skylab is rumoured to return to earth during the same weekend – in either Brittany or Perth. This hilarious multi-generational comedy is seen largely through the eyes of 10 year old Albertine – playing perhaps the character of a young Julie Delpy. The adults’ behaviour is always colourful, often outrageous. Director, and star Julie Delpy shows a loving, guiding hand throughout proceedings. The cast represent the very finest of young, and vintage French acting talent, and the joie de vivre of the gathering is infectious. Skylab is a funny, tender and occasionally irreverent look back to the end of the 70s, to childhood, and to summer holidays.


Julie Delpy