The Commando (2020)

  • Action & Adventure, Thriller
  • 1h 32m
  • 2020

Captain James Baker leads a team of elite Commandos to rescue a group of kidnapped mother and daughters, held captive by the Cartels in a desert compound near the border. The Commandos shoot their way in, but in the process, James makes a huge mistake: he accidentally shoots and kills the hostages he was sent into rescue. James returns home to his beautiful wife, Lisa and two teenage daughters Natalie and Jennifer, a broken man – suffering from PTSD. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Elijah is being released from a maximum-security prison after twelve long years for a string of big robberies and high profile heists. His younger brother Abraham picks him up. On the way home, Elijah reveals to his brother that he wants to go straight—but first, he has to collect the three million dollars he hid in an abandoned house. But when they go to the house, they discover that it’s no longer abandoned. In fact, it has been completely remodeled, and a new family has moved in (the Bakers). Elijah tells Abraham to get the money (he’ll send in a few guys to help), but to do it quietly. Abraham and Elijah go in for the heist and James reassembles his squad of friends to save his family and home from the ruthless criminals.


Asif Akbar




English [cc]


United States