The Five Provocations (2018)

  • Drama
  • 1h 34m
  • 2018

The lives of four very different people intertwine in this performance-driven ensemble drama about dealing with loss and finding yourself.

Marlena is secretly dealing with the loss of her married lover, Rosie. Rosie’s husband Paul is also going through his own grief. Meanwhile Marlena takes on a housemate, the timid and a little bit aimless, Bridget. Handyman Clinton grapples with parenting a teenage daughter and his own developing gender identity.

Throughout the film these people will fall apart, but also come together and change each other’s lives. Amongst all this are the mysterious five provocations, played with mischievous charm by the stars of Australia’s cabaret scene Maude Davey, Yana Alana, Sarah Pax, Amanda Morris and the Town Bikes.


Angie Black


Angie Black


Atalanti Dionysus


Angie Black


Matt Jasper

Film Editor

Kelly Dingeldei






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