The Last Days of Joe Blow (2013)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 25m
  • 2013

THE LAST DAYS OF JOE BLOW is a slap-in-the-face documentary about one man’s journey through the cutthroat world of the LA porn scene. Told in a staggeringly frank and honest manner by one of its male stars, Michael Tierney or ‘Joe Blow’. Tierney, the nephew of Hollywood veteran Lawrence Tierney (RESERVOIR DOGS, BORN TO KILL, SEINFELD (As Elaine’s father)), began his career in the indie film world before becoming a ‘woodsman’ in the adult entertainment industry in 2006.

We hear Joe’s various war stories from the porn frontline, and meet a mixed bag of porn’s more colourful identities including veteran Bill Margold, industry trouble maker Donny Long and porn legend Ron Jeremy, giving us a rare window into the world of a male porn star, a world rarely seen by outsiders. At the heart of the film is Tierney’s personal crisis surrounding his decision to get out of ‘the life’ and his involvement in the notorious Porn WikiLeaks scandal – a scandal that nearly tore apart the adult entertainment industry.




Australia, USA

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