The Reports On Sarah and Saleem (2018)

  • Drama
  • 2h 7m
  • 2018

Sarah is Israeli and runs a café in West Jerusalem. Saleem is a Palestinian deliveryman from East Jerusalem. Despite both being married and coming from opposing sides of a deeply divided region, they are locked in a passionate and dangerous affair. When a risky late-night trip to the West Bank goes awry and threatens to expose them, they quickly become the subject of a minor international crisis, caught up in the machinations of two warring states. Desperate to keep their secret and protect their families, Sarah and Saleem find themselves trapped in a web of deceit, espionage and collusion that not even the truth looks able to stop. This gripping, accomplished thriller set across the Israeli-Palestinian border refuses to take sides, instead illustrating how in Jerusalem, even sex can be made political.


Muayad Alayan


Hebrew, English


Palestine, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands

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