Unwelcome (2020)

  • Horror
  • 1h 43m
  • 2020

Londoners Maya and Jamie are looking for a way out of their urban nightmare to raise their unborn child, so when they inherit a house in rural Ireland, they jump at the chance to flee from the dangers of city living.

Yet, this new home holds primeval secrets - at the bottom of their garden is an ancient gnarled wood, where a supernatural presence lurks. Founded in ancient Celtic folklore the woods hide the malevolent, murderous goblins, known as ‘Redcaps’ named so for soaking their caps in the blood of their victims.

Engaging a local family company to do some building repairs, the young couple quickly realise they got more than they bargained for with ‘Daddy’ and his adult children who are little more than low-level criminals. Recognising their newfound safety is under threat, Maya finds herself turning to the woods - and the blood thirsty creatures within it - to ensure the safety of her unborn child.


Jon Wright






United Kingdom