When the Cows Come Home (2022)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 44m
  • 2022

Opening on the Johnstone family farm in Cambridge, When the Cows Come Home introduces audiences to Tilly and Maggie, a pair of cows Johnstone has befriended and subsequently saved from slaughter. The garrulous herdsman is enthusiastic to expound his views on animal husbandry, bovine communication and the vagaries of life in general before the film walks us back through the events that have shaped the singular farmer-philosopher.

From personal family tragedy to warring with Catholic school authorities, innovating in Hamilton’s nascent music scene to creating guerrilla art installations; Johnstone’s life has had a truly idiosyncratic trajectory. Mental health issues may have seen him retreat to life on the farm, but the film makes clear its subject’s restless inquisitiveness is far from being put out to pasture.


Costa Botes




New Zealand